Saturday, 12 February 2011

if only i knew

Well I might be only 17 the now, but I've got a strong head on my shoulders.

In the next 10 years, I hope to have decided, and be qualified in whatever it is I chose to be. This I don't know exactly what, so I could end up anywhere.
I also want to be married. This is looking very realistic as I am engaged to my amazing fiance, Bryce, we've been together for a good few years now. It feels perfect. I am in love. We're planning a 2014\2015 wedding. But not any major details as of yet.

I wanna have my own house with Bryce, this also is looking realistic, as Bryce has been applying for a few jobs which includes a house. :]

Right now, I feel I have the world at my feet. I am doing well in having the grades to become a qualified childminder, passed all my first semester exams, and right now feeling good about the second semester. Well I hope I do well!

In this blog, dear secret diary, I plan to write about a few very personal things. Here's only a glimpse;

»dealing with a parent who has alcohol problems.
»having an eatting disorder.
»grief & loss.
» and many more.
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