Sunday, 13 February 2011

a kick in the face.

When we're in our last year at primary school, we got told all the rumours we get told aren't true.
For example, first year kick ins, head flushed down the toilet, etc.

This is the case for the majority, but sadly not for all. I was the victim of being attacked as my first year kick in.

It was my second week in high school, had just been a normal day. I was walking home with my best friend, this wasn't normal, but had happened a couple of times since starting.
There was a large gang of about 12 people walking behind us, giggling. It wasn't unusual to have a big gang walking behind you as it was on the main road just outside the school.

I had my phone out, talking to my friend, then I heard a shout,
"oy give me your phone." it was a girls voice who turned out to be 3 years older than me. I ignored it, hoping it wasn't me she was talking too.

I walked another 5 steps in front, then I felt a grip on my hair, pulling me backwards. I fell to the ground. Just then I felt her kicking and punching every part of my body, including my face, my chin, my stomach.
It didn't just stop there though, she started pulling me closer and closer to the edge of the road by my hair. I honestly thought I was going to die. My friend couldn't do nothing but take in what was happening. Eventually she stopped, and I got up, and started running. I felt someone, another girl coming after me. The girl had taken my phone but was now handing it back.

I honestly had never felt so scared. The girl who done it got kicked out of school for the maximum allowed. 10 days. As if that would take away the flashbacks that I still live with 6 years on.
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